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Use Divi Builder in WordPress

Install Divi Theme: Easy with 3-step guide

The Divi theme for WordPress, which is used very frequently worldwide, offers almost infinite design possibilities with which even WordPress beginners are able to create professional websites. Thanks to the variety of ready-made templates that can be individually adapted to your own needs, anyone - including you - can create visually appealing and professional WordPress websites. Our simple 3-step guide explains step by step how to install the Divi theme and get started with your own WordPress website.

Download Divi installation files for WordPress

To begin with, you need a user account with the Divi manufacturer Elegant Themes, which you can create here. Here you will also receive information about the different memberships and prices. Once you have decided on the right membership, you will find your purchased products under "Members Area". With just one click you can download the Divi installation file in ZIP format. This is required to install the Divi theme in WordPress. You can find out how to set up a WordPress site in our article Creating a WordPress website: Quick in 4 steps.

Download Divi theme file for WordPress

Install Divi Theme

In order to use the Divi theme in WordPress, it must first be installed in WordPress. Don't panic - it sounds worse than it is 🙂 To install the Divi theme, first log in to the administration interface of your WordPress site. You can usually access this via Select "Design" in the left sidebar, then "Themes" and click on the "Add Theme" button at the top.

In the next step of the simple 3-step instructions, you upload the Divi Theme ZIP file that you have previously downloaded from Elegant Themes via the "Upload Theme" button at the top of the screen. Uploading the file is a prerequisite for installing the Divi Theme. The installation of the Divi Theme starts automatically and takes a maximum of one minute.

Upload Divi Theme to WordPress

Activate Divi Theme

After successful installation of the Divitheme, you will find the newly installed Divi theme under "Design", "Themes" in addition to the standard WordPress themes. As soon as you have clicked on "Activate", the Divi theme is displayed as active and you can start designing your WordPress site with Divi?

Use Divi Theme on WordPress

Create a WordPress page with Divi

To create your first own page with Divi, select "Pages" in the left sidebar and click on "Create". WordPress will now ask you whether you want to create the new subpage with the Divi Builder or the standard editor. Select "Use the Divi Builder" here.

Create page on WordPress with Divi

Under "Select Premade Layout", you can view pre-made layouts that Divi comes with out of the box. Divi offers you a large selection of layout packs sorted by different categories such as Business, Food & Drinks or Lifestyle. You can easily adapt these to your individual needs. Of course, you can also choose a layout pack such as "Health & Fitness", even if you want to create an online learning platform, for example. Divi's predefined layouts offer you a visually appealing website that you only need to fill with your own content and images. Of course, you can change colours, fonts and so on at any time.

A little tip: Divi is constantly developing and regularly provides new layout packs. So it's worth taking a look at the predefined layouts from time to time.

Use Divi Themes on your WordPress site

In order to use a Divi premade layout on your WordPress site, you will need your API key from Divi manufacturer Elegant Themes. Navigate to "Account" on the Elegant Themes website and select "Username & API Key". On the following page, scroll down and create the required API key via "Generate New API Key". Paste the generated API key and your Elegant Themes username into the query window on your Divi website.

Start with the Divi Theme on WordPress

Static website in WordPress

As the last step of the "Divi Theme Install: Simple 3-Step Guide", before you can finally start designing your Divi-based WordPress website, there is one more small setting you need to make. Go back to your WordPress administration interface, select "Divi" in the left sidebar and then "Theme Customizer". You will now be taken to your standard WordPress page - without Divi layout - with a new menu bar on the left side of the screen. Here you select the item "A static page" under "Homepage settings". As soon as you click on the blue Publish button at the top, the layout changes to your chosen Premade Divi layout.

Conclusion of the installation of Divi in WordPress

Our simple 3-step guide takes care of all the hassles of creating your professional WordPress site with Divi Layout. The Divi theme is especially suitable for all those who want to create their own professional WordPress site and do not have any programming knowledge. Thanks to the ready-made layouts, everyone has the possibility to create a professional and visually appealing website. If you have any questions about Divi and/or WordPress or are still looking for the right hosting for your WordPress website, please feel free to contact us.

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