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How the WordPress speed test works

With the free and customized performance analysis from our WordPress experts, you will receive valuable tips on how you can significantly improve the loading time of your WordPress website!
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Advantages of fast WordPress hosting

Better SEO ranking

Anyone who runs a website has already stumbled across the term SEO. SEO-optimized WordPress pages can make it to the top of Google - without paying for expensive ads. For optimal SEO optimization, many factors must be taken into account, such as page quality, meta information in HTML or page structure. But the loading time also plays an important role in the SEO ranking of your WordPress site. With slow loading times, you will never make it to the first page of organic Google results. With WPspace as your WordPress host, you can optimize the loading times of your WordPress website by up to 420% - for a better SEO ranking and more findability on the Internet

Higher conversion rate and user retention

Who hasn't experienced it: you visit a website, it loads and loads, and you leave the site again due to your own impatience. Many website operators don't even know that their website involves long waiting times. That's why anyone can use our pagespeed test to analyze the loading speed of their WordPress website. If a red or orange result appears in the loading time test for your website, you should definitely think about moving your server. As a WordPress hosting service, we are able to optimize your loading times by up to 420% compared to low-cost providers. The lightning-fast loading times thanks to WPspace increase the conversion rate and create a positive brand experience for your visitors and potential customers.

Frequently asked questions
to the WordPress speed test from WPspace

The WPspace WordPress Speedtest analyzes the loading times of your website and then classifies them. Ideally, the loading time of your website should be in the green zone, i.e. better than 80 %. If the pagespeed test of your WordPress website shows an orange or red result, i.e. very slow loading and response times, you should think about your WordPress hosting provider. Cheap providers often offer you low prices, but also longer loading times for your website, which will significantly affect the success of your website.

During the speed test analysis, the loading times of your WordPress site or store, javascripts embedded in the header and images or graphics used are measured. Our WordPress speed test does not analyze your site down to the last detail, but performs an all-round performance check, similar to a Google performance check. Based on the results of the speed test, we offer you the opportunity to optimize the performance of your website. Simple and quick to evaluate. If you have any questions about your result, please feel free to contact us at any time.

As a result of the WPspace Speedtest you will receive the Pagespeed of your website. Pagespeed refers to the time that visitors to websites or stores wait until they are fully loaded. The pagespeed of your WordPress website or store is essential for a successful SEO ranking in all search engines and for a Positive user experience via mobile or desktop. With the WPspace WordPress Speedtest you can Analyze the performance of your WordPress website for free and then receive a detailed report with important insights about your pagespeed, such as your individual First Contentful Paint (FCP) and First Input Delay (FID).

A detailed WordPress speed test spits out many different terms with values as a result. With the help of the measurement data from First Contentful Paint (FCP) and First Input Delay (FID), websites can be classified into the categories slow, average or fast.

First Contentful Paint (FID) describes the time that visitors to a website wait until the first element is loaded and visible. The transmission speed as well as the amount and size of the data transferred are decisive factors here.

The First Input Delay (FID) describes the first input delay, i.e. the response speed of a page. The response speed can also be easily tested by clicking on a control element or navigation, for example, and waiting for the page to respond. This time is described and measured by the FID. Fast response times ensure a positive user experience for visitors, which is also referred to as user experience.

The demands of website visitors are becoming ever higher and their patience ever shorter; as soon as an element loads even a few milliseconds longer than usual, they leave the website and go to the competition. This can be avoided with a high pagespeed and good WordPress hosting.

After you've done your WordPress speed test, you're probably asking yourself the following question: What is a fast or slow website? To answer this question, Google has defined measurement value ranges for First Contentful Paint and First Input Delay, which allow websites to be assigned to the respective category. Google defines the respective categories as follows:

Fast website: FCP between 0 and 1 second I FID between 0 and 50 milliseconds

Average website: FCP between 1 and 2.5 seconds I FID between 50 and 250 milliseconds

Slow website: FCP higher than 2.5 seconds I FID higher than 250 milliseconds

Of course, other criteria and factors can be taken into account when evaluating the page speed of websites, but FCP and FID are the most common values for your WordPress site. You will also receive the most important values as a result if you run our free WordPress speed test for your website.

A little tip: Regularly carry out new speed tests of your website to check whether the result remains the same. Sometimes the loading time of your website can deteriorate / improve due to changes. 

The detailed Report of the WordPress Speedtest serves as the perfect basis for the next steps to optimize the page speed of your website. Of course, the loading time often depends not only on your WordPress host, but also on other factors such as integrated Java files, extremely large graphics or videos. To get started, we recommend replacing very large files with smaller graphics or videos. However, make sure you strike a healthy balance so that the resolution of the image/video does not suffer. You can also find tips and tricks about WordPress in our WordPress Help.

If you receive a red or orange result in the speed test of your WordPress website, we recommend that you change your hosting provider as a first step. At WPspace, real hosting and WordPress experts will help you choose the right plan for you and your WordPress website(s). We will be happy to carry out an analysis of your pagespeed for you in advance and measure the performance of your website again after the move with the help of the WordPress speed test. So you can see our pagespeed for yourself based on facts, figures and data!

And as Tip: We even pull your WordPress website for you completely free and stress-free to us on the server configured for WordPress.