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WPspace® stands for, reliable and lightning fast managed WordPress hosting, incl. personal support from real WordPress experts!

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WordPress hosting Single plans

From €14.99/month

Wordpress Logo - Fast WP Hosting from WPspace

WordPress hosting Single plans

Instead of 14,99€ only 0,01€/month

Ideal for WordPress professionals and corporate websites including domain, emails and automatic updates.



from €39.99/month

Run up to 10 WordPress websites with just one tariff and maximum power with our multi-tariffs.


From €69.99/month


Instead of 69,99€ only 0,01€/month

Optimal for high performance websites & online stores. Stop losing customers to a slow store.

🎁 Secure switching bonus!

You already have a current hosting contract with another provider? If you switch to WPspace, we will reimburse you for up to 6 months of the costs of your old hosting contract.

WordPress hosting contact person

By moving to WPspace, your website will load up to 2 times faster on average!

Faster loading times improve website visibility on Google & Co.

WPspace offers direct support from WordPress experts via phone or chat.

Hosting is a matter of trust!

That's why we take care of your website as if it were our own

Our promise ❤️

Real support from real WP experts

Our support staff are long-time and enthusiastic WordPress users and developers. That's why we guarantee you competent support from real WordPress experts.

We see ourselves not only as an ordinary hoster, but as a comprehensive service provider for WordPress. In addition to fast WordPress hosting, we take over the updates for your WordPress website or support you with PageSpeed optimization, as well as the move to WPspace.

Our goal is to make sure you never have to worry about condition, safety, or load time again.

The Managed WordPress Hoster from Germany 🇩🇪

you can rely on!
Fast, competent and personal support from real WP experts.
WordPress hosting, emails and domains. All from one source.
DSGVO compliant hosting, thanks to server location: Germany

Performance from the test winner 🚀

Experience the highspeed WordPress web hosting from WPspace®. Ultra-fast loading times that will delight you.

WordPress Hosting Comparison 2023

According to the WordPress Hosting Comparison 2023 from blogmojo.com, WPspace has the best price-performance ratio in the test (with annual payment method). According to the WordPress hosting comparison from wp-ninjas.de, WPspace is the Fastest hosting provider with company headquarters in Germany.

Loading times in milliseconds:

WPspace - WordPress Hosting from 9,99 € / month
127 ms
Raidboxes - WordPress Hosting from 15 € / month
138 ms
All-Inkl - Web hosting from 4,16 € / month
346 ms
Ionos - WordPress Hosting from 4,20 € / month
906 ms
Strato - WordPress Hosting from 4,20 € / month
1242 ms
This represents a selection of five German WordPress hosting providers that emerge from the WordPress hosting comparison on wp-ninjas.de. The listed prices were determined according to the information on the respective provider websites and correspond to the status as of July 2023. The price quotations are the regular net prices of the respective service providers. It should be noted that the colors green (for fast performance), orange (for medium performance), and red (for slow performance) are to be viewed relatively in comparison and do not correspond to any more closely defined standard.

The hosting providers were subjected to a load time test, which was done as follows: average speed tests were performed at different times of the day, with five tests per hoster using Pingdom. The information at hand comes from wp-ninjas.de and was created as part of the WordPress hosting comparison, as of July 2023.

How fast does your website load?

Take the test now and find out how fast your WordPress website loads with our WordPress SpeedTest.

And that is why we are so fast

On average, our clients' load time improves by at least 50 %. - WordPress performance is our specialty! In fact, we're so confident in the performance of our WordPress hosting servers that you'll get your money back if we can't achieve a performance improvement for you. 

100 % NVMe SSD storage

We exclusively use fast NVMe SSD storage for our web & database servers. This guarantees lightning-fast read and write rates, which ultimately have a direct impact on the loading speed of your website.

Isolated hosting

Your booked resources (CPU & RAM) are exclusively available to you. This means that you do NOT have to share the resources with other customers, unlike with classic web hosting providers. This way we ensure that your website always has enough power for fast loading times.

Premium Caching Plugin

With WPspace you can do without other premium caching plugins like WP Rocket. This is because our premium caching plugin is specifically designed for our server infrastructure and, by serving your visitors the website in HTML format, achieves the fastest loading times for you.

PageSpeed expertise

Out of the box, our servers are already optimized for extremely fast WordPress load times. But our PageSpeed experts are also happy to support you with further load time optimization measures. This way we make sure that you squeeze the last bit of performance out of our already super-fast servers with your website.

Test your WordPress website 14 days free at WPspace!

We mirror your website on our server for free and assign you a 14-day trial version of your desired tariff. So you can convince yourself of the speed of our servers!

Simple Manage WordPress sites like a pro!

Develop and manage WordPress with ease with WPspace - thanks to 1-click staging, built-in backups, premium caching and many more features.

Faster loading times

Our servers are powered exclusively by super-fast NVMe SSD storage. In addition, our premium caching plugin and OPcache get the last bit of speed out of your WordPress website.

Easy management

Install, manage and update WordPress. All with just one click. In addition, the WordPress Toolkit allows you to easily create backups and test environments with just one click.

Safety out of the Box

Out of the box, our DDos protection, daily backups and web application firewall are already active. You can also secure your WordPress against hacker attacks & malware with just one click.
"WPspace is an excellent hoster specifically geared towards WordPress. Actually everything the website owner's heart desires is offered here."
René Dasbeck
The best providers for WordPress hosting in comparison 2022 - netz-gaenger.de

Customer experience with our WordPress hosting

"Managed WordPress hosting from WPspace stands for lightning-fast loading times, competent professional support, as well as excellent value for money." At least that's what our customers say, who now run over 2,800 websites on our servers. Small blogs as well as well-known corporations trust in the high service level of our WordPress experts.

Try WPspace 14 days for free! 📦

Find out how fast your website can really be!

It works as simple as that:

We mirror your website on our servers free of charge. This way, you can get your own picture of our lightning-fast loading times in a side-by-side comparison with your current hosting provider. Your live website remains accessible without interruption. Only if you like WPspace and you want to move permanently to WPspace after the 14-day trial, you can upgrade your WordPress hosting for a fee. So your risk is zero! 

Free WordPress Website Relocation
Step 1

Free registration

Register with WPspace now and receive the link to our migration calendar in the welcome email, which will allow you to submit your data securely for the free trial.
Your time: 2 min.
Step 2

Plan moving date

Select a suitable date in our migration calendar, as well as the tariff of your choice, which you would like to test free of charge for 14 days. The test ends automatically after 14 days. 

Your time: 15 min.
Step 3

We will do the rest!

Afterwards we mirror your website on our servers and you will receive a before/after comparison of your PageSpeed by mail 📧 from us. Don't worry, your live website remains accessible at all times.
Your total time: Under 30 minutes

Find out how fast your website can really be!

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The right solution for every application

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Single plans
With our single plans we offer you uncompromising and maximum performance. You benefit from dedicated resources per WordPress hosting plan.
If you want to run 3 to 10 WordPress websites of you or your clients at WPspace at the same time, our multitariffs are just right for you!
Our fastest WordPress hosting that will make your WooCommerce and / or WordPress installation fly and withstand any rush of visitors.

Real advice from real people

Your WordPress consultants are there for you personally.
The WPspace team is always there for you personally!

We advise you on:

WPspace® the Managed WordPress Hoster

Service you can rely on, with the right hosting for WordPress from WPspace.

WPspace® is provider for managed WordPress web hosting. Our server structure, specially optimized for WordPress, ensures lightning-fast, maximally secured and protected websites and online stores and helps you easily manage your projects.

Reasons why we are more than just an ordinary WordPress hosting provider:

We are the service provider among WordPress hosting providers

Unlike the large corporations trimmed to mass processing and profit maximization, WPspace was® was founded out of the web agency Broll IT & Media GmbH. Through our own agency experience, we know exactly what requirements web designers and agencies place on a professional WordPress hosting.

That's why our service doesn't stop at fast and reliable WordPress hosting. Rather, our service mindset from the agency days continues to be a big part of WPspace®. With us at your side, you also gain a partner who supports you personally in your projects.

Our support goes far beyond answering questions about hosting. We are also happy to advise you on current plugin trends, implement projects together with you or for you, support you in building your online business or even lend a hand if you get stuck.

Our goal is to revolutionize the hosting market with the service idea from our agency!

Managed WordPress hosting from Germany - lightning fast load times meet

We love WordPress, that's why we always work to provide you with the best hosting experience. As a German WordPress hoster for agencies, freelancers and WP professionals, we guarantee you the best possible performance on our servers for your WordPress website with our fast hosting. We deliberately rely on the leading web hosting control panel Plesk. With the Plesk WP Toolkit makes managing your WordPress instances a breeze. With our fast hosting you save a lot of time, money and hassle. We are not just any WordPress hoster from Germany, but rather your direct contact for all matters concerning your WordPress projects. Besides fast loading times we provide 24/7 protection against hacker attacks. And our support goes far beyond that of a normal WordPress hoster. Because we are WordPress connoisseurs and lovers, we are your direct contact and are happy to advise you on problems with your WordPress project. If you like, we even manage your complete WordPress instance, as if it were our own. With our managed hosting you don't have to worry about the availability, performance and security of your WordPress projects, we take care of it for you!

Transparency is important to us

The advertising statements on the German hosting market are overflowing. Every hoster advertises with the fastest and best loading times. However, we add one more - we provide you with the proof that our WordPress hosting is faster than your current provider - and that's before you even choose us.

Justifiably, you are now wondering how we do it. Quite simply: Test your website for free on our WordPress hosting servers. We mirror your website completely free of charge on our servers and also provide you with a direct before and after comparison with your current provider. Afterwards you will receive a detailed performance analysis from one of our WordPress experts. In addition, you can also put your own website to the test on our servers with tools like GTMetrix.

And for those who don't have their own website to be moved yet, we offer our free WordPress hosting. 🥳

Cooperation at eye level

At WPspace we build especially on solution orientation and partnership cooperation. Our customers receive long-term and personal support from our experts and their ideas are adapted and supported in the best possible way. If your requirements or business outgrows your subscription, we will gladly grow with you and find the perfect WordPress hosting solution for you even with new ideas.

WPspace offers not only powerful performance and likeability, but also a profitable, reliable and secure partnership that makes you as a customer and us as a provider equally happy. You can also secure additional benefits with our partnership program.  

In order to maintain the comprehensive service we promise, our team of experts is constantly undergoing further training so that we can continue to help you as a customer in the future on the basis of any new findings.

You think these are all just empty words? Then register now for free and experience the lightning fast WordPress hosting from WPspace.

FAQ on the topic:
What is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress hosting refers to web hosting providers that specialize in the operation of the popular CMS WordPress. This is also often referred to as Managed WordPress Hosting, where the provider often takes over the full operational responsibility of your WordPress instance and is thus responsible for the technical maintenance, security and installation of updates.

When choosing a host for WordPress, you should not only look at the price. Usually, cheap providers save money in the most important places in order to be able to offer you the best price. In the worst case, however, this can lead to massive sales losses if your website or your online store is not accessible and no one can help you in the shortest time. This is because most of the costs for a hosting provider are incurred by the personnel. If savings are made here, this will have a direct impact on support. 

Our Tip: Contact the support beforehand. A good support will be happy to answer your questions in the shortest possible time. In our opinion, hosting is always a matter of trust. So if you feel comfortable with the support, this is often an indication of a trustworthy WordPress host and a likely good cooperation.

Cheap WordPress hosting is already available from about 4 €/month. Depending on the provider, features and requirements, the costs can be up to several 100 €/month. For a small WordPress website with up to 5 GB disk space, for example, you should expect at least 15 € / month to make no sacrifices in terms of loading times or support.

Click here for the WPspace tariffs®

First and foremost, WordPress is not directly a web host, but a content management system (CMS). However, the manufacturer offers under WordPress.com also offers WordPress hosting plans. However, since the server location is in the USA, this could have a negative impact on your loading times and data protection. That's why many German website owners prefer to use a WordPress web hosting provider from Germany, such as WPspace.®.

Unlike normal web hosting, a WordPress hoster specializes solely in the secure, reliable and above all fast operation of WordPress sites. This has, among other things, the advantage that the support can usually help you much more specialized and better, because the systems are perfectly matched to the requirements of WordPress.

Moving your WordPress to WPspace® is always included. Simply select your preferred rate and you will then receive an email with a link to our migration calendar. There you can choose a free date and then sit back and relax. We take over the complete move to WPspace® for you and then perform a free load time optimization to ensure the fastest possible load times on our server. Of course, you can also move your website yourself, quite classically using MySQL dump & file backup or like many of our customers using Migrate Guru.