Secure WPspace switching bonus now!

We will reimburse you for up to 6 months of the cost of your old hosting contract.

You are already a customer of another hosting provider and bound to your contract for a certain period of time, but you are thinking about switching to WPspace and don't want to pay twice? We want to make it as easy as possible for you! That's why we'll refund you up to 6 months of your old hosting contract.

Terms of action

We would like to make you a special offer! If you already have a hosting contract with another provider, we will reimburse you for the costs of this contract for up to 6 months. All you have to do is meet the following requirements:

  • Your current hosting contract is longer than 1 month.
  • You have an invoice / proof on which the service date / contract period, as well as the paid amount are visible.

In addition, the following conditions apply:

  • You can participate in the promotion only once.
  • The contract at the competitor must be concluded by the same person / company as at WPspace.
  • You will receive a voucher from us that will reimburse you for up to 6 months of the cost of your current contract in the shopping cart when you place an order. The discount is valid once. If you renew your contract, the regular price will apply.

Request a voucher now!

Fill out the form so that we can check if your current hosting meets the conditions of the promotion. Simply upload the last invoice from your current provider. You will then receive the voucher by e-mail.

Switch bonus voucher request
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This is how you claim the WPspace switching bonus!

1. request voucher

Request your voucher by filling out the form above and entering the last invoice of your current hosting provider as proof. If the duration is not visible here, feel free to add a screenshot.

2. review

After successful verification of your details, we will refund you the pro-rated costs of the remaining term of your old hosting contract. You will receive the refund in the form of a discount voucher, which we will send you by e-mail.

3. order your desired tariff

Choose now on our Website your desired rate and enter your personal discount code in the shopping cart. The refund will be deducted from the total amount immediately in the shopping cart.