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Why choose WPspace as your WordPress hosting partner?

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WPspace was created from a web agency. Fast and reliable WordPress hosting has always been important to us. Only in our opinion there was no good WordPress hoster in Germany - We wanted to change that!

No obligations. No hidden terms.

Top quality and customer satisfaction in the first place

If our customers are not happy, we are not happy. That's why we attach great importance to the top quality of our services and the proximity to you as a customer. It doesn't matter if you are the CEO of a DAX company or the owner of a dog salon. We are there for you, no matter what problem is on your mind. Be it the new WordPress update, the color is suddenly red instead of blue or the plugin that does not do what it should. We offer you not only fast managed WordPress hosting but also help you as a trusted partner at any time with our years of WordPress and IT experience.

Your personal WordPress hosting experts

We are WordPress lovers, with a lot of creativity and know-how for IT topics. For our customers we are the best friend when it comes to WordPress and hosting. We take time for your questions, understand them and find together with you a solution for all your problems.

For us at WPspace the best possible and personal support important - without ifs and buts. No matter what question you come to us with, we are there for you. We always have an ear for your concerns, which we address individually and in the best possible way at all times. We communicate at eye level, are open and honest.

Since WordPress is constantly evolving and offers you cool new possibilities, we regularly educate ourselves. However, if there is something we don't know, we will do everything we can to find a solution for you.

Performance boost of your WordPress site

Our team of IT and WordPress professionals will make sure that your WordPress website or store will be available at any time is. For us, each website is the center of attention, which is why WordPress sites hosted via WPspace rely on their own resources and services, and are thus completely independent from other users of our service.

Your own resources mean the best possible performance for you at all times. And that fully automated! This is what sets us apart as a WordPress hoster from other providers. With many classic providers, due to shared resources, it can happen that your WordPress website loads slower, because a website unknown to you is overrun by visitors. We guarantee you 24/7 as much power as you need, automatically!

Lightning fast loading times not only ensure that your website visitors stay on your WordPress site with a positive visitor experience, but also push you in the Google ranking to the top. Because Google also evaluates the loading time of your WordPress site or store when ranking it. Many technical factors of a hosting have an influence on the loading time of your website. We as a WordPress hosting provider meet the highest technical standards, thanks to which we can provide you a Load time optimization of up to 420% can promise.

Our servers at peak performance

As a professional WordPress hosting provider, we attach great importance to the quality of our server. Our server is located in a German data center, which among other things has already been awarded the first place at the Service Provider Awards 2020 and Platinum at the Hosting & Service Provider Awards 2019.

Around the clock, our servers, equipped with the most modern server hardware, operate at Maximum performance. Our architecture ensures fast and stable performance at any time of the day and during peak loads - in the front and back end. Backing up your data is also important to us, which is why we completely back up all your data and databases to our dedicated backup systems on a daily basis. Thanks to our Auto backups you always have a guarantee that no data will be lost and you can use your storage space for your heart's projects.

Security of your data thanks to German server

A German server location offers you the largest possible Security of your data. The basis for the legal regulations and legal bases is the physical location of the server of your website or store. With WPspace, your data remains on a German server and is therefore subject to the German Data Protection Act. Thus, none of your data gets into the hands of unauthorized third parties. If you host your website on an American server, for example, American authorities may access your data - which you certainly don't want.

Last but not Least: A German server location of your WordPress website or store leads to a better SEO ranking on Google. To evaluate the relevance of the results for the searcher, Google uses so-called geo-targeting. With the help of geo-targeting, the location of your server flows into the relevance evaluation of your website. For Google, websites and stores hosted on a German server are more relevant for search queries from Germany than websites whose server is located abroad.