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Improve your Google ranking now: Pagespeed as a key factor

Improve Google ranking
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in order to optimize your Improve Google ranking is one of the supreme disciplines of online marketing: know-how, technology, creativity and perseverance are needed to make it to the top. Page 1 of the search results (SERPs).

In contrast to the past, Google and Co. have high quality standards for websites, because Google wants to offer the best and most suitable results for the respective search query.

It's not easy to improve your Google ranking so that you are at the top of Google, but it can be done. One factor officially confirmed by Google that you can use to improve your Google ranking is the Pagespeed of your website. And as a performance-oriented WordPress host, this is precisely the factor we are addressing today.

Pagespeed: definition and explanation

The loading time or performance of your website is called PageSpeed or Site Speed. The user experience goes hand in hand with the loading time of your website. Because who hasn't experienced it: you visit a website, want to read the article and have to wait for what feels like an eternity. That's annoying. It's not just you and me, but practically everyone. The unnecessary strain on patience caused by long loading times reduces the user experience of the website.

Conversely, fast loading times mean that visitors feel comfortable on your website. They visit different pages, order your whitepaper or product, leave a comment and recommend the site to their friends.

Google discovered the importance of page speed a few years ago and therefore categorized it based on defined values. This is because Google does not like slow loading times due to various factors (which are beyond the scope of this article...). In conclusion, you need the best possible pagespeed in order to improve your Google ranking. We will show you what "too slow pagespeed" means according to Google later in this article. Google uses the following six metrics to describe pagespeed - because not all loading times are the same:

First Contentful Paint

The FCP describes the time until the visitor to your website can see the first text or image. Ideally, the FCP time of your website should be between 0-1.8 seconds.

Speed Index

The speed index measures the time until the content of your website is visible to the visitor. This value should be between 0 and 3.4 seconds.

Largest Contentful Paint

LCP defines the loading time of the longest text or the largest image. This loading time should not exceed 2.5 seconds.

Time to Interactive

The time to interactive of your own website is very important, because it describes the time until your website is completely interactive or usable. Websites often appear to be fully loaded, but if you try to use buttons or similar, nothing happens. If visitors have to wait too long for full functionality, frustration increases and the bounce rate rises enormously. At best, the time to interactive is between 0 and 3.8 seconds.

Total blocking time

The TBT measures the time between FCP and Time to Interactive in milliseconds. This value is only specified if it is more than 50 milliseconds.

Cumulative Layout Shift

CLS is used to measure the movements of visible elements within a display area. You have probably already experienced something like this: you want to click on a button and in the same second, the button has moved. In the worst case, you even click on another button because of the shift. This is why the CLS value should not be higher than 0.1 for a good user experience on your website.

If you have the Optimize the loading time of your website want to improve your Google ranking, you should focus on the Overall performance of your website. If your overall performance is in the green zone, you can start taking measures to optimize the individual key figures. If you have absolutely no idea where and how to start, why not take advantage of the free Pagespeed optimization offer as a WPspace customer? Just give us a call or write us a short mail ? You are not yet a WPspace customer, but would like to become one? Start now for 14 days free of charge! ?

How does Google define fast pagespeed?

The internet is full of different page speed values that a website should fulfill. To give you an idea of the importance of loading times in advance, test it yourself. While you are surfing the internet, pay attention to how long you are prepared to wait for the content of a website.

According to studies, visitors to a website are prepared to wait 2-3 seconds. Visitors become impatient after just 4 seconds and in most cases leave the site and look for information from the competition instead. A loading time of 5 seconds or more has fatal consequences: Because not only do most visitors leave the website, they never come back. These test results alone show that the Pagespeed a key factor to attract and retain customers.

Google has on its site PageSpeed Insights an official classification into fast, average and slow. Google specifies the following threshold values for the three groups:


FCP: 0-1 second
FID: 0-50 milliseconds


FCP: 1-2.5 seconds
FID: 50-250 milliseconds


FCP: Over 2.5 seconds
FID: Over 250 milliseconds

You can easily check the pagespeed of your website in our Check free PageSpeed Test or as an alternative your Pagespeed via Google check. If you test your PageSpeed via WPspace, you will also receive exciting insights into your results!

Improve Google ranking with better page speed: the consequences for your website

As already confirmed by Google in 2010, PageSpeed is one of the direct and important factors (key factors) for your SEO. The basis for this decision to classify PageSpeed as an important factor for SEO is better usability and user centricity - in other words, a better overall UX (user experience) for visitors to your website.

On average, around a third of all visitors to your website come from search engines. Unfortunately, they won't find your website in Google if your website is only indexed on page 3, page 5 or even worse, not indexed at all.

Visitors who come to your website via Google and co. are valuable visitors. So-called organic visitors are interested in the information, services or products on your website. Ideally, you will convince them with the content / offers on your website and convert these leads into customers. In order to reach and attract customers, it is therefore very important to improve your Google ranking and, ideally, to reach page one.

How do I improve the pagespeed of my website?

We will definitely write a detailed article on this question. But a pro tip in advance: use a Caching tool for WordPress! These tools cache your site, reduce the size of CSS and JS files, load files only when they are needed and much more. With the help of these caching tools, you can give your website a real speed boost.

As a WPspace customer, you don't even have to worry about installing and configuring a caching tool yourself! In all our tariffs is a premium cache plugin free in the process. We integrate the best-practice settings we have tested and adapt them to your website. Together we can reduce your loading times to a real minimum.

Conclusion on the topic of "Improving Google ranking through better page speed":

To summarize: You should invest time and energy in improving your Google ranking - because it's worth it. But without very good page speed, you will never make it to the top of the Google search results and will not reach important organic visitors. This in turn affects the success of your business.

Currently, all doors are still open for you and the success of your website. Google will definitely treat you as a VIP if you shine with the fast page speed of your website and at the same time provide your visitors with valuable content on your website. (Content will also improve your Google ranking)

Even small steps, such as switching to a WordPress host with faster page speed or using caching tools, can often improve your Significantly improve pagespeed. This will give you a significant boost to the top - perhaps even the very top - of Google search results. So start optimizing your pagespeed now, which will improve your Google ranking!

PS: If you need help with improving your pagespeed and are looking for a high-performance WordPress host, you can easily contact Register for free at WPspace!

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