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Everything you need for a successful, fast and secure WordPress website


1-Click WordPress Installer

The 1-click WordPress installation allows you to install WordPress quickly and easily. With just one click, you can install the latest version of WordPress and start building your website straight away without having to have any technical knowledge of manual installation steps.

1-click backup restore

WPspace provides you with 14-day backups and allows you to restore your website quickly and easily from a secure backup. With just one click, you can revert to a previous version of your website if problems occur or changes need to be undone.

Logs & protocols

With the help of Logs & Protocols, you can gain a detailed insight into all activities on your WordPress website at any time. You can also view access logs, error logs and application logs to monitor the performance and security of your website. This information helps you to identify problems, diagnose errors and improve security.

File Manager

The File Manager is an integrated tool in your hosting interface that allows you to manage files directly via the web interface. You can upload, download, rename, delete and organize files in folders without having to use separate FTP software.

Staging environment

A staging environment is also available in every tariff. You can create an exact copy of your live website with just a few clicks and use it as a staging environment. The staging site is an isolated website. You can therefore test changes, updates or a new design without worrying about the live website breaking.


Domain aliases

When visitors open the URL of the alias created, they are redirected to the URL of the primary domain. A search engine-friendly HTTP 301 redirect is used, which means that the search engine ranking is not split between the URLs.


Exclusive switching bonus

If you are currently stuck in a contract with another (WordPress) hosting provider, you can benefit from our switching bonus! If you switch to WPspace, we will reimburse you for up to 6 months of the costs of your old hosting contract. With our Switching bonus you don't have to pay twice if you switch to WPspace.

Dedicated resources

We rely exclusively on fast NVMe SSD storage with dedicated resources for our web & database servers. This guarantees lightning-fast write and read rates, which ultimately have a direct impact on your loading speed.

Storage space overview

The storage space overview provides you with a detailed overview of the storage space currently used and available on your website. Analyze how much storage space your databases, emails, web files and backups are taking up.

Resources overview

The Resource overview shows you the usage of CPU, RAM and bandwidth in real time. This allows you to quickly identify bottlenecks and possible limits reached and optimize the performance of your tariff.

1-click password protection

Restrict public access to your website with just one click. Ask visitors to enter a username and password. This function is particularly useful if your website is still under construction or undergoing maintenance.

1-click maintenance mode

The 1-click maintenance mode allows you to put your website into maintenance mode quickly and easily. This displays a maintenance page to visitors while you make changes or updates.


Performance Booster

The Performance Booster offers you a range of tools and optimizations to maximize the speed and performance of your website. With functions such as caching, image optimization and database tuning, the Performance Booster ensures that your website runs quickly and smoothly.

Pagespeed optimization

One professional PageSpeed optimization by a WordPress expert usually costs several hundred euros. At WPspace, we give you PageSpeed optimization for free when you have your website moved by us.

PHP 8.3

You have the option of setting the latest PHP version in your hosting interface. Benefit from improved functions, increased security and better performance for your projects.

High-end hardware

We only use high-end hardware for our servers in order to reliably deliver maximum performance for your WordPress projects. We rely on high-performance components, advanced processors, as well as fast RAM and SSDs.


HTTP/2 supports parallel data transfers, header compression and other efficiency improvements that help web pages load faster and optimize load times.


We rely exclusively on NVMe SSDs that are optimized for ultra-fast read and write speeds. They offer significantly improved performance compared to conventional SSDs or HDDs, resulting in faster loading times for websites and applications.


Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Our servers are equipped with a WAF, which provides an additional layer of security for all hosted projects. The WAF monitors and filters HTTP and HTTPS traffic for suspicious patterns or attempted attacks. It protects against threats such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS) and other known vulnerabilities by detecting and blocking attacks at an early stage.

DDoS & DoS protection

Our protection measures automatically detect and block excessive traffic aimed at putting your website out of action by overloading it.

Automated backups

Automated backups of the last 14 days are available to you at any time. An additional backup plugin is therefore not absolutely necessary with WPspace. If updates cause problems or you want to undo an important adjustment, for example, you can access the backups at any time.

Login Protection

Restrict public access to your website by asking visitors to enter a username and password. This function is particularly useful when the site is still under construction or undergoing maintenance.

Regular updates

We always keep our server infrastructure up to date and carry out appropriate maintenance work. These updates close potential security gaps and improve the stability and performance of our servers. Benefit from a high-performance server structure while being protected from various security risks.


WordPress Toolkit

Use the WordPress Toolkit for easy management and maintenance of your WordPress website, including plugin and theme management. The user-friendly interface offers a variety of functions that have been specially developed to simplify the administration of your WordPress installation.

Free moving service

We mirror your website on our servers free of charge. This allows you to make your own impression of our lightning-fast loading times in a side-by-side comparison with your current hosting provider.

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