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Duplicate a WordPress page: It's that easy!

Duplicate WordPress page with and without plugin
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We'll show you step by step how to duplicate your WordPress site. To do this, we'll go into the options with and without a plugin, with Elementor and Divi.

Want to duplicate WordPress pages and posts? No problem! In this article, we explain step by step how to duplicate your pages and posts in WordPress using various methods (with plugin, without plugin, with Elementor and with Divi). You'll see that it's not difficult at all!

Duplicate WordPress page with plugin

WordPress plugins come with various functions and can make working in WordPress easier, add new functions and optimize your WordPress website.

So that you don't get lost among the numerous WordPress plugins, I'll explain how you can duplicate your pages and posts in WordPress with the help of three extensively tested plugins that we also use ourselves on various websites.

Duplicate Pages, Posts and CPT

Duplicate WordPress page with plugin
Duplicate your WordPress page with one click thanks to the "Duplicate Pages, Posts and CPT" plugin

The WordPress plugin "Duplicate Pages, Posts and CPT" by Jonas Tietgen (known for his helpful WordPress tips, guides and recommendations on focuses only on the most important core function: duplicating WordPress pages with just one click. That's why it doesn't come with any unnecessary baggage and is super fast and intuitive to use. In our guide, we'll show you how to duplicate your WordPress site with this WordPress plugin.

By the way, Jonas has our WordPress hosting extensively in his WordPress hosting comparison tested and awarded "Best all-rounder" 🎉

Step 1:

Log in to the WordPress dashboard of your website with your user data. Then select "Plugins and "Install" in the menu bar on the left. Now enter the title of the plugin in the search bar at the top right: Duplicate Pages, Posts and CPT.

Now click on "Install now" and "Activate". The plugin is now ready for use on your website.

Installation of the Duplicate Pages, Posts and CPT plugin
Step 2:

Now navigate via "Pages" or "Posts" to the subpage of which you would like to create a duplicate. Hover over the title and select "Duplicate" to duplicate your WordPress page. After you click, a clone of the page will appear as a draft in your overview.

Duplicate WordPress dashboard page

As promised, you were able to duplicate your WordPress page with just one click. Now you can edit the page and then publish it.

Yoast Duplicate Page

WordPress plugin Yoast Duplicate Post
Install the free WordPress plugin "Yoast Duplicate Post" via your WordPress backend

You may already know "Yoast" as SEO plugin. The Yoast team has also developed the WordPress plugin "Yoast Duplicate Post", which is one of the most popular plugins for duplicating content and now has over 4 million active installations. With just a few clicks, you can duplicate both posts and pages. This is how it works!

Step 1:

Log in to your WordPress backend and navigate to "Plugins" and "Install" in your left menu bar. Enter "Yoast Duplicate Page" in the search bar and install and activate the plugin.

Install the WordPress plugin Yoast Duplicate Post
Step 2:

Now you can duplicate WordPress pages and posts! Select either "Posts" or "Pages" in your left menu bar. In the page / post overview, hover over the page title and select "Duplicate" for the page / post you want to duplicate.

Screenshot of the Duplicate WordPress page function in the WP dashboard with Yoast Duplicate Post

You will then find a clone of your duplicated page/post as a draft in the overview.

Duplicate Page

Duplicate Page WordPress Plugin Screenshot
Like around 3 million other users, use the WordPress Duplicate Page plugin to duplicate WordPress pages

With the WordPress plugin "Duplicate Page" you can duplicate pages, posts and other individual content types with just one click. Follow these instructions to install the plugin and clone WordPress pages with just a few clicks.

Step 1:

After you have logged into your WordPress dashboard, navigate to "Plugins" and "Install" in the left menu bar. Enter Duplicate Page in the search field and click on "Install now" and "Activate". The plugin is now ready for you to use!

Install WordPress plugin Duplicate Page
Step 2:

You can make further settings under "Settings" and "Duplicate Page". As a rule, this is not necessary and you can start duplicating your WordPress page straight away.

Navigate under "Pages" or "Posts" in the left menu bar. Hover over the page you want to clone and select "Duplicate".

Duplicate WordPress page with Duplicate Page

With the standard configuration, you will then find a duplicate of your duplicated page as a draft in the overview.

Duplicate WordPress page with Elementor

The page builder Elementor " is becoming increasingly popular. Many WordPress users around the world create their websites with this popular tool. Your WordPress website was also created with Elementor? Here's how you can duplicate your WordPress site with Elementor:

Note: By default, Elementor does not have a duplicate function for entire pages. So that you don't have to copy individual sections on your source page and paste them into your target page, you can save Elementor pages as templates or use a plugin as described above. This is a small detour that is not difficult at all!

Important prerequisite: To be able to save the pages as a template as described, you need Elementor Pro*.

1. select "Pages" in the left menu bar and open the page you want to duplicate with "Edit with Elementor"
2. click on the up arrow at the bottom of the save button to the right of "Save"
3. click on "Save as template"

Duplicate WordPress page with Elementor

4. insert the name for your template and click on the green "Save" button
Tip: Choose a unique name here, perhaps you will need the template again in the future and will be able to find it quickly!
5. the saved template must now be inserted on the target page. To do this, open your target page with "Edit with Elementor"
6. click on the folder icon at the bottom of your page to insert the template.

Insert Elementor template to duplicate WordPress page

7. a popup opens in which you click on "My templates" in the top menu. Click on "Insert" in the line of the template that you have just created and want to insert.

Insert Elemetor template on target page

The content saved in the template has now been added to your page. Note that the template does not overwrite existing content, but adds to it. This is how easy it is to duplicate a WordPress page with Elementor.

Duplicate WordPress page with Divi

Compared to many other page builders, the theme with integrated drag-and-drop page builder Divi offers you a native function for duplicating your WordPress site. We'll show you how you can duplicate your WordPress page with just a few clicks in Divi!

When you create a new page/post with Divi, you are always offered three options. One of these is the function to clone an existing page. Follow the next five steps to use this function on your website:

1. navigate to the overview of your pages / posts via the left menu bar
2. click on the "Create" button to add a new page
3. click "Select the Divi-Builder"
4. select "Select image" in the green box with the heading Clone existing page

Divi Existing page clone function

5. now select the page in the overview whose content you want to duplicate on your newly created page. Divi will make the copy of all content for you fully automatically.
Note: You can only duplicate pages that were created with Divi in this way.

You can then start customizing your newly created subpage.

Duplicate WordPress page without plugin

The function Duplicate WordPress page is missing and you don't want to install another plugin for it? We'll show you two quick ways to duplicate your WordPress site without a plugin.

Use WordPress HTML source code

1. select in your WordPress dashboard link in the menu Pages / Posts to get to your overview.
2. hover over the page title in your overview and click on "Edit"
3. now let's switch from the usual view to the HTML view together. In the Gutenberg Editor, simply click on the three dots at the top right and select "Code Editor". Alternatively, you can also use the key combination Ctrl+Shift+Alt+M.

Activate WordPress Gutenberg code editor

4. copy the entire content of the page. You can do this, for example, with the key combination CTRL+C (Windows) or Command+C (macOS).
5. create a new page and switch to the HTML view here too.
6. paste the previously copied code, for example with CTRL+V or Command+V. And now the content is on your new page!

Use WordPress Gutenberg editor native function

1. select posts or pages in the menu on the left in your WordPress dashboard and open the page you want to copy with "Edit"
2. select the three points in the side menu and click on "Copy all blocks".

Gutenberg Editor Copy all blocks

3. create a new page and paste the copied content with CTRL+V or Command+V

Please note: With both methods, you only copy the content of a page or post. The title, meta description and the page or post image are not copied.

Conclusion on duplicating a WordPress page with and without a plugin

Although WordPress does not have a simple duplication function built in, you have various options for duplicating your desired WordPress site. The quickest way to do this is with the recommended plugins, which you need to install beforehand. An additional page builder such as Elementor or Divi also makes it easy to duplicate laid-out content.

Good luck duplicating your WordPress pages and posts! If you have any questions, our WPspace support team will be happy to help. 😊

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