How to find the best Divi & WordPress hosting provider

With the multitude of WordPress hosting providers and mass hosts, it can be difficult to find the best WordPress hosting provider. To help you find the best Divi hosting provider for your WordPress website as quickly as possible, we've put the 3 best WordPress hosting providers under the microscope for you.

Preface - What you should know about Divi Hosting:

If you create websites with WordPress, especially with Divi, a reliable and fast WordPress hoster is extremely important for the success of your website on the Internet.

Divi is probably one of the most successful and fastest growing WordPress themes around. But just because Divi is so powerful, its resource hunger can quickly become a problem that negatively affects your website's load time and your Google ranking.

Meanwhile, there are many mass hosters on the market that offer web hosting at dumping prices. Unfortunately, these well-known hosters often do not offer the required performance for WordPress & Divi. Therefore, when choosing a WordPress hoster, always look for fast loading times.

But how do professional WordPress hosters guarantee fast loading times?

In addition to a server infrastructure optimized specifically for WordPress, you should definitely pay attention to whether your hoster uses features such as content delivery networks and caching.

What you should consider when choosing the right WordPress host for Divi

To make your decision easier when looking for the right WordPress host, for your Divi hosting, you need to know what matters when you want to create your Divi based website.

What is managed WordPress hosting?

Managed hosting differs from normal hosting in that it is optimized specifically for the requirements of WordPress and offers important advantages over normal hosting. In particular, you should pay attention to the following features of a managed WordPress hoster:

As a rule, managed WordPress hosters offer special tools to install WordPress with just one click and at the same time take all the necessary security precautions. This not only saves you time when creating new projects, but also ensures that your website is protected from attackers from the Internet in the best possible way.

Since the servers with managed WordPress hosting are optimized specifically for WordPress requirements, you benefit from advanced security features that make life difficult for hackers.

Most of the time, managed WordPress hosting results in faster loading times of your websites, since the servers are optimized for WordPress requirements and, unlike mass hosts, dedicated resources are provided that guarantee fast server response times at all times.

The most important is probably the use of a CDN. With the help of the CDN, your website is automatically duplicated and stored on geographically different servers. This way, the geographically closest server with the best response time is always selected for the delivery of your website, which ultimately results in faster loading times for your website.

Probably the biggest difference to unmanaged solutions is the service. With a managed WordPress hoster you can be sure that all WordPress, plugin & theme updates, as well as backups are installed and created completely automatically. So if you should ever run your website into the wall, or hackers are up to no good, you are always on the safe side and can fall back on current backups.

Using caching, your website is kept as a static version by the server. This minimizes resource-heavy MySQL queries. Your website doesn't have to be regenerated with every new visit and loads much faster. Don't worry if this topic is too technical for you. The only important thing is that your hosting provider supports caching. Most managed WordPress hosts already cache your website automatically. However, some require an additional WordPress plugin.

Recommended PHP settings for Divi & WordPress

No matter which WordPress host you ultimately choose. Make sure that your hosting provider meets the following recommended minimum requirements to ensure a fast and smooth operation of WordPress & Divi.

The best WordPress hosting for Divi websites

Keeping the above requirements in mind, we have created an overview of the 3 best WordPress hosting providers for Divi websites for you:

1st place: WPspace

Facts at a glance:

Price: from 14 € / month
Server location: Germany
Target group: WordPress / Divi users, agencies & experts

WPspace is the only German WordPress hosting provider in this list with server location in Germany (DSGVO compliant). The price-performance ratio is by far the best. It has to be said that WPspace is definitely not one of the cheapest providers on the market. However, the personal support for all arising questions around performance, hosting, WordPress and Divi justifies the price! WPspace's WordPress hosting is specifically and out-of-the-box optimized for Divi's requirements. WPspace was created from the requirements of an online marketing agency and the know-how of the Broll IT & Media GmbH originated.


Top Features:

Optimized for fast loading times & security

WPspace was created from the requirements of an online marketing agency working with Divi and the technical know-how of Broll IT & Media GmbH. Accordingly, the servers of WPspace are optimized for the operation of Divi Pagebuilder and WordPress. This not only affects your WordPress website with fast loading times, but also protects you from attackers from the Internet.

Service is the be-all and end-all

WPspace does not see itself as a classic managed WordPress hosting provider, but rather as an IT consultant and problem solver for your online projects. If you ever have problems with your WordPress website, WPspace's team of experts is always available for free and will help you with your requirements. So you're not only booking high-performance managed WordPress hosting, but also a partner that will support you with all WordPress, Divi and hosting related issues.

Specialized in WordPress & Divi

Unlike the many mass hosts, WPspace exclusively offers managed WordPress hosting. Specializing in WordPress and Divi, WPspace puts all its resources into developing the best optimized and most secure WordPress experience. True to the motto: "Class, not mass".

Not the cheapest provider
WPspace is certainly not the cheapest hosting provider on the market. Nevertheless, WPspace's managed WordPress hosting is cheaper than many other managed servers. However, with a starting price of 19 € / month in the smallest package, WPspace managed WordPress hosting is the best option for anyone whose business success depends significantly on the website.

  • fast & secure WordPress hosting
  • DSGVO compliant hosting with server location in Germany
  • Price performance
  • personal support from real people around WordPress, Divi, Hosting & Performance
  • free removal service
  • managed WordPress hosting at affordable price

2nd place: SiteGround

Facts at a glance:

Price: from 5,99 € / month
Server location: Netherlands
Target group: WordPress / Divi users


SiteGround, based in Spain, is by far the cheapest WordPress hosting provider with 5,99 € / month. Through the partnership with ElegantThemes, SiteGround offers you, like the other hosting providers in this list, a pre-installed WordPress incl. Divi. However, due to the comparably low price, SiteGround does not offer managed WordPress hosting due to the lack of specialization. Accordingly, the offer is more aimed at customers with small & private projects who do not value service and want to save a euro or two.

Top Features:

Cheap WordPress Hosting

If you are looking for a cheap WordPress hoster, SiteGround is the right place for you. There you can host your WordPress site already from 5,99 € / month.

Fast & reliable customer support

SiteGround has a fast and reliable support. Usually, you will get help in the shortest possible time if there are any difficulties with the hosting. For any support beyond that, however, you will have to find an external contact. Given the price, this is completely understandable.

Free CDN

Included in every WordPress hosting package is the use of the Cloudflare CDNs already included. This is especially important so that SiteGround can remain competitive with more expensive managed WordPress hosting providers when it comes to loading times.

Low web space:
In the largest package, you only have 40 GB of web space at your disposal. This is completely sufficient for smaller individual projects. However, agencies and freelancers will quickly reach their limits here, which is why SiteGround is aimed more at small customers with individual projects.

Server location: Netherlands
SiteGround's servers are located in the Netherlands. The server response time to Germany is correspondingly good. However, German servers are not available, so further measures may be required to ensure proper data protection.

  • For all those who want to get started with WordPress at a reasonable price
  • Micro businesses and freelancers with only a few customers
  • Anyone who is dissatisfied with their hosting at the mass hoster, but doesn't need expensive managed hosting

3rd place: Flywheel

Facts at a glance:

Price: from 15 $ (~€13) / month
Server location: America
Target group:  Agencies & Freelancers


The US-American hoster Flywheel specializes just like WPspace exclusively in hosting WordPress. The offered packages, as well as prices from 15$/month are rather aimed at agencies & freelancers.

Top Features:

Specialization in freelancers & agencies

Flywheel's hosting offers a dashboard specifically optimized for agencies and freelancers, which significantly simplifies the management of multiple projects simultaneously.

Useful add-ons

In addition, Flywheel offers many useful extensions that greatly enhance the communication with your customers and the quick creation of design proposals using WordPress.

Customized packages

Especially for large agencies, Flywheel offers customized packages that leave nothing to be desired.

CDN as a payable add-on option:
Unfortunately, no free CDN is included in the Flywheel packages and must be booked additionally.

Expensive multisite options
As soon as you want to manage more than one project with Flywheel it gets expensive. The cheapest multisite package with 10 WordPress instances starts at 96 $ / month.

  • For large agencies that need to manage many projects simultaneously


Ultimately, you have to decide which WordPress hoster best suits your requirements and your business. If you follow our advice above, you should find the perfect partner for your WordPress and Divi hosting needs.

Instead of doing the whole big comparison of hosters, we have deliberately chosen 3 hosters that we think are the best choice for WordPress hosting with Divi.

Other WordPress hosts like RaidBoxes, Kinsta or Cloudways are also good WordPress hosting providers. Unfortunately, these providers did not make it to our list.