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Black Week offers for WordPress: Secure the 5 best deals now

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Black Week - also known as Cyber Week - is just around the corner: from 22.11. to 29.11., bargain hunters will get their money's worth. As every year, top Black Week offers for your WordPress website await us that have never been seen before. To make sure you don't miss out on any deals during the great bargain hunt, we have summarized the 5 most important Black Week offers for WordPress:
Black Week Offer WordPress Hosting WPspace

#1: WPspace - WordPress hosting at half price 

Is your website's pagespeed driving you crazy? Are you looking for a reliable WordPress host for your WordPress website? Then WPspace is the right place for you. WPspace is a WordPress host specializing in managed WordPress hosting and has a very limited Black Week offer for you!   

And fast WordPress hosting is not enough. WPspace moves your website free of charge, optimizes the page speed to a minimum, runs various analyses and also supports you afterwards with all questions about the WordPress cosmos. Here we show you why you should take advantage of the limited Black Week offer: 

Fast WordPress hosting in the front and back end 

Thanks to the super-fast NVMe SSDs and a server structure optimized for WordPress, WordPress websites hosted at WPspace enjoy top pagespeed. And WPspace doesn't just talk the talk, it backs up its results with a detailed pagespeed analysis including facts, figures and data.  

WordPress Hosting - 100 % Made in Germany 

Not only are our servers located in Germany, but also our company headquarters. This is the only way we can guarantee the best possible protection for your data. In addition, our support 100% is operated in-house, so you can also receive German support at any time. Speaking of support: The WPspace support team is there to answer all your questions and help you with challenges big and small. 

Free features for you 

Your WordPress hosting at WPspace has much more in store for you than just hosting. Among other things, your WordPress hosting at WPspace includes the Divi Builder, a premium cache plugin and the SSL certificate free of charge. 

WPspace Special Offer for Black Week at a glance:  

50 % discount on all WordPress hosting packages with monthly and annual payment.  

Period: 22.11.201 up to and including 29.11.2021 

Your price savings thanks to the Black Week offer at a glance: 

Per package:  

Monthly payment: Only 9.50 euros instead of 19 euros 

Annual payment method: Only 84 euros instead of 168 euros 

Pro XL package: 

Monthly payment: Only 17 euros instead of 34 euros 

Annual payment method: Only 174 euros instead of 348 euros 

Black Week Offer WP Rocket Caching Plugin

#2: WP Rocket Premium: 30 % Off on all licenses of the most popular caching plugin 

Would you like to improve the pagespeed of your website even further? Then you should definitely get the most powerful caching plugin WP Rocket as part of the Black Week offers. If you still have doubts about using the WP Rocket caching plugin, we have killer arguments for you, your websites and their pagespeed.  

Cache preloading 

We recommend preloading your content so that visitors to your website do not have to wait long (and preferably immediately) for the content. If your visitors have to wait too long for the content on your WordPress website, they will be gone faster than the page can load.  

And this is exactly where the exclusive WP Rocket function "Cache Preloading" comes into play. This function allows you to preload content from your website, such as blog posts, and cache it via WP Rocket, so to speak. One click - and your visitors will see the desired content.   

Optimization of your WordPress database 

A large part of the data on WordPress websites is automatically saved in the associated database. So if your website grows, the size of the database also increases, which negatively affects the loading time of your website. 

But how can you reduce the size of a database and thus improve the performance of your website? Exactly, by using a caching plugin. WP Rocket cleans up your database by reducing its size. And this is exactly why you need a caching plugin for top pagespeed.  

Lazyload function 

Thanks to the lazyload function, images are only displayed to the visitor when the relevant section is reached by scrolling on the website.  

The Lazyload function can be activated via WP Rocket to significantly improve the loading time of the website. Incidentally, this applies to all devices, whether PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.  

Incidentally, WP Rocket is compatible with all common WordPress page builders, such as Elementor, Divi or WP Bakery.

The WP Rocket Black Week offer at a glance:  

30 % Off - valid for all Licenses (you do not need a code for this, the discount is automatically applied to your order) 

Period: 23.11.201 to 01.12.2021 

Your price savings at a glance:  

Single license: 30,80 € instead of 44,00 € 

Plus license for 3 WordPress websites: 61,60 € instead of 88,00 € 

Infinite license for unlimited WordPress websites: € 155.40 instead of € 222 

Black Week offer request form

#3 Request Form Plugin - Get one of the limited lifetime licenses as a Black Week offer

With the help of the inquiry form plugin, you can create intuitive and intelligent multi-step forms. Various question types such as appointment booking, slider, text or simple either/or selection questions increase the conversion rate of your website. The next three points will show you why we think the inquiry form plugin is so much better than a standard contact form: 

Design in your corporate identity 

Adapt the design of the questions about 100 % to your website. Not only adapt the font and color to your CI, but also design the icons used so that they fit in perfectly with your overall look. In keeping with the Black Friday theme, you can visually adapt your inquiry form to your Black Week offer with just a few clicks.

Winning leads through play 

Thanks to the wide variety of different question types, leads can be won in a playful way. What do we mean by that? Visitors sometimes don't even realize that they are registering with you! Optimize your sales funnel with the inquiry form plugin and gain new leads via your WordPress website!  

Constructive question logic 

Create an intelligent and interactive form in which you give the question catalog a logic. In concrete terms, this means that which question the visitor comes to next depends entirely on their previous answer. This way, you can not only filter leads, but also provide better advice. 

Limited lifetime licenses from inquiry form as a Black Week offer 2021  

A very limited Black Week offer that you shouldn't miss out on for your WordPress website! Instead of monthly or annual fees, the request form offers a limited number of lifetime licenses. Secure one of the 10 licenses per package quickly, otherwise they're gone! 

Your price savings with the limited Black Week offer at a glance:  

Personal license for one domain: 600 € one time

Business license for three domains: 1000 € one-time fee

Agency (Reseller) license for 10 domains: 1,500 € one-time fee

With the Black Week offer, you can use the request form for practically nothing after just one year compared to the subscription version. In the future, you will continue to receive all updates and support - everything that is included in the normal packages.

Black Week offer Divi Builder from Elegant Themes

#4 Divi Builder by Elegant Themes  

Divi is not only known for its drag and drop page builder, but also for its helpful community, unique templates and design options. With Divi, not only true WordPress professionals can design new websites, but also WordPress newbies.  

Every year on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Elegant Themes - the provider of Divi Builder - offers unique discounts that are not available for the rest of the year. So it's the perfect time to get hold of the Divi Builder for your upcoming web design project or to upgrade your Divi license. And Elegant Themes has even more unique Black Week offers! 3 reasons why we love Divi: 

Visual work 

Divi's Live Editor allows you to work visually on your website in real time. However, as long as you do not save in your editing interface, your visitors will not see the planned changes. You can edit the sections, rows and modules using drag & drop and an intuitive editing interface.  

Numerous demo layouts  

Divi offers you standard demo layouts for almost every conceivable area: veterinarians, lawyers, food blogs and many more. The ready-made layouts include designs for landing pages, about us pages, contact pages, etc. In addition, the layouts already offer you suitable images and icons that match the design and theme of the layout. Even if you want to create your own design, the layouts offer a lot of inspiration and show what is possible with Divi. 

Global elements 

Colors, fonts, sections, individual modes - almost everything can be defined globally in Divi. This saves you a lot of time (during and after editing) and prevents unnecessary errors. If you adjust a global element anywhere on your WordPress website, the changes are automatically applied to all other global elements.  

Divi Builder from Elegant Themes: Black Week offer and highlight of the year  

Elegant Themes is practically throwing discounts around! It's worth taking advantage! Find out what our favorites of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaign from Elegant Themes are here first thing on Friday!

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