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WordPress page: add category & tag

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Add WordPress page category and tags

By default, WordPress offers the option of assigning categories and tags to blog posts to keep them more organized. Unfortunately, this standard function is not available for normal WordPress sites.

In this article, I'll explain in just a few steps how you can also assign categories and tags to your WordPress pages.

Plugin presentation:
"Pages with Category and Tags"

To make it easier to categorize and assign tags in relation to WordPress pages, we recommend the plugin "Pages with Category and Tags". This is a free WordPress pluginwhich is ready for use immediately after installation, without configuration or setup.

Installing and activating it is child's play:

  1. Install and activate the plugin: Go to your WordPress dashboard and click on Plugins -> Install plugins. Search for the plugin "Pages with Category and Tags" and install this.

  2. Create categories and tags for pages: After activating the plugin, the categories and tags are already available for your pages.

As with posts, you can now assign categories and tags to your WordPress pages.

Why should you add categories and tags to WordPress pages at all?

The use of categories and tags for WordPress pages offers numerous advantages. For example, they allow you to organize your content if you have a lot of pages. In addition, you improve the navigation on your website and make it easier for your visitors to find related pages. This is particularly useful if you have different sales pages for products in your online store.

In addition, categories and tags for the Search engine optimization (SEO) be used.

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